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Why did you choose to live in China?

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WhiteBear (Poland)

Why I am in China?

1. Money? No. Business? Yes. I'm not focused on having big money, but what I earn is enough.

If I would want more money - I would probably stay in my homeland and in the rat race. If I found pleasure in spending money - I would live in a big city ... But I'm here[in Kaiping, a relatively small city in the province of Guangdong].

2. Cities? Not the big ones - I don't like them. Smaller cities and towns - right, that is my place :)

3. Culture? Yes, Chinese culture has always fascinated me – ever since I was a kid.

I also had the opportunity to get a taste of the country’s current reality when I was doing business with China a few years ago. Since that time, I was sure - I can live in China. Without accepting - or at least understanding - local culture, it is impossible to live here, or very, very hard.

4. Beauty? I find beauty in small streets, old buildings, and an old grandma in a small village smiling when cooking dinner... no need for UNESCO-rated top sites :) no need for special tourist areas and famous scenic areas. This is the kind of beauty I like - the beauty of everyday life.

5. Food? I can say only... YES, YES, YESSSSS....

In short?

I'm here because I accepted the opportunity, but I liked the place even before.

Would I choose another place in the world to live in? Yes, maybe, why not.

But China is my second home.

Why did you choose to live in China?

Why did you choose to live in China?

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Why did you choose to live in China?

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Why did you choose to live in China?

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