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Touching memories of mom

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Editor’s Note: Mother's Day will be celebrated in many countries around the world on Sunday, and several of our forum readers have shared some of their most touching memories involving their mothers, as a way to express their appreciation. You're welcome to share your story with us.


My mom has done many jobs in order to bring up my brother and I. Since my mom is just a poorly-educated country woman, most of the jobs my mom did were dirty and heavy jobs. What impressed me most was that she - a woman migrant - did the same work as the male migrants, such as climbing five floors of a building while carrying a large basket of bricks weighing more than 30 kilograms, in the blazing heat of the summer. She had to work at least 9 hours a day with little rest at noon. My mom’s co-workers – all migrants - said she was as strong as a man. When she got home in the evening, her hair was covered with dust, and of course her clothes were too. Once, I was washing the jeans my mom wore at work and my finger was hurt by the hard dry cement on it. Never will I forget this scene: I happened to see my mom placing bricks into baskets from a pile of bricks stacked high like a wall twice as tall as her. As she wore an earthy yellow jacket at the time, she just melded into the earthy yellow brick wall. I hope my mom will have a comfortable and happy life in the next years of her life’s journey. A MOM’s LOVE IS THE MOST PRICELESS LOVE IN THE WORLD. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Touching memories of mom

Touching memories of mom

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Touching memories of mom

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Touching memories of mom

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