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Bus driver praised for returning passenger's wallet

Updated: 2016-08-02

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Tayier, a bus driver in Karamay, received a banner from a resident as a token of gratitude for retrieving her wallet on July 7, Karamay Daily reported.

It was about noon on July 4 when Tayier drove the No 303 bus into the terminal and began to clean the bus as usual. He found a wallet left by a passenger on the back seat of the bus with 2,000 yuan ($300), an ID card, and four bank cards as well as other important documents inside. He immediately gave the wallet to his company so it could be returned.

At around the same time, the bus company received a phone call from He Ranran, the owner of the wallet.

Upon hearing that her wallet was found, He Ranran rushed to the company to retrieve the wallet and found nothing missing.

He Ranran recalled that she got on the No 303 bus at around 9:40 am and was busy taking care of her child as she got off. After picking up her child from kindergarten at about 12:00 pm, she realized her wallet was missing with several hours since she last saw it.

“An ID card is very important,” He Ranran said. “I'm not a local resident, so it would be very troublesome to replace my ID card and other certificates. It could have huge implications for my schedule and dealing with other things.”

She thought it was a long-shot that the bus company would find her wallet, but thanks to Tayier, she got it back. “We are deeply moved by the professional ethics of the bus driver,” He Ranran added.

To express her gratitude, she and her family specially sent a banner to the passenger transport company.