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  • Good investment environment    2013-07-18

    In recent years, the Karamay government has come up with policy moves that focus on investment and the promotion of key industries.

  • Human resources    2013-07-18

    Karamay has more than 40,000 professional technicians in various fields.

  • Solid industrial foundation    2013-07-18

    Its oil fields are digitalized and are moving ahead and becoming intelligent, so digital Karamay has achieved some success.

  • Well-known city brands    2013-07-18

    In the three decades of development, Karamay has become a modern oil city and an eco-city, and has gained the nickname,the Pearl of West China.

  • Complete infrastructure    2013-07-18

    Karamay has convenient transportation and a complete highway, railway, and aviation system.

  • Resource advantages    2013-07-18

    Karamay has an annual oil refining capacity of 22 million tons and an ethylene production capacity of 1.2 m tons.

  • Location advantages    2013-05-27

    As a bridgehead for China’s opening to the West, the city has broad market and developmental possibilities.