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  • Sanlian Investment Group    2013-05-22

    The Sanlian Investment Group is registered in Urumqi, as a private group with eight companies and a modern management system and shares in five other companies.

  • Karamay Sanda Co    2013-05-22

    The Karamay Sanda Co is a large construction enterprise that covers many fields of field construction, petrochemical engineering, piping, oil field road construction, and technical services.

  • Yongsheng Construction Group Co    2013-05-22

    The Yongsheng Construction Group Co was established in February 1983 and has grown to cover a wide range of industries.

  • Karamay Hongyou Software Co    2013-05-22

    The Karamay Hongyou Software Co was founded in 1993 as a large software company to provide products and services.

  • Xinjiang Karamay Rongchang Co    2013-05-22

    The Xinjiang Karamay Rongchang Co is involved in manufacturing and repairing drilling machines and is located near to an oil field, with six factories and three branches.

  • Karamay Yiantai Petrochemical Engineering Co Ltd    2013-05-22

    The Karamay Yiantai Petrochemical Engineering Co Ltd started in April 1994 and has introduced advanced technology and modern management in recent years.

  • Hualong Industrial Group    2013-05-22

    The Hualong Industrial Group was set up in 1992 with the purpose of providing market-oriented, customer-centered services.