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City development

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Construction work

Karamay is a modern oil industry site with improved infrastructure, parks and exhibition halls and a large green area of around 9 square meters per capita. It has 379 kilometers of roads, and convenient access to drinking water, heating, gas, and garbage disposal services. The domestic sewage treatment level is 97.12 percent.

City development

The administration has a digital management system in the downtown area and a database for the network of underground pipes.

Scientific development

Private and new technology companies have seen great growth since 2006, with 24 advanced technology and 86 private technology companies calling it home. Its institutes and companies have applied for 138 projects, since 2006, and have gotten 60 million yuan in government financial support. Out of 1,480 patent applications, 1,130 have been approved, more than double the figure under the 10th Five-year Plan (2001-2005). The city is the only one in a Chinese autonomous region to receive the model city award for its scientific development.


This is a major part of the city’s move to in improve its quality. All primary and middle schools have had access to advanced teaching materials via the Internet and National teaching programs, since 2002. Teachers also have the opportunity to share their experience and further their education via the network. The city has received many national awards for the development of its primary education in recent years and 10 of its schools have been selected as pilot schools for moral education.

Cultural development

The city has many cultural activities, like the water festival, to demonstrate the local culture and improve facilities for residents. It has three public libraries, with more than 1.08 million books, or 2.4 for every resident. There are electronic reading rooms meeting national standards in 11 districts, and cultural activities rooms in 96 communities and villages. The city itself has three cultural centers, two exhibition halls, five theaters, and 142 stadiums for residents.


Around 44 percent of the local people were taking part in sports activities, by 2011 and all primary and middle schools have sports facilities that meet national standards. Nearly 90 percent of the stadiums are open to the public and the government has policies that encourage sports enthusiasts to compete. It had four athletes taking part in two Paralympics Games, one Special Olympics meet, and one Asian Para Games over the past five years.

City spirit

Patriotic, hard-working, believing in ethnic solidarity, seeking truth, pragmatic, striving for excellence