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  • Musailaisi    2013-09-25

    Musailaisi is a kind of health drink in Karamay.

  • Mixed noodles    2013-09-25

    Mixed noodles are among the most popular snacks in Karamay

  • Rice Sausage    2013-07-18

    This is a traditional Uygur dish stuffed with sheep entrails, and has a glutinous taste.

  • Shish kebab    2013-07-18

    Shish kebabs are skewered pieces of lamb and a traditional Arab dish, now a popular all across China.

  • Whole roast lamb    2013-07-18

    This is one of the most famous dishes in Xinjiang, with a flavor that can rival Beijing's famous roast duck.

  • Xinjiang Yoghurt    2013-07-18

    Yoghurt is a basic Uygur food or drink that either individuals or families are able to make it.

  • Xinjiang spicy chicken    2013-07-18

    This sautéed chicken is said to have originated in the 1990s, in Shawan county at a local Muslim restaurant.

  • Xinjiang Liangpizi    2013-07-18

    Liangpizi is a popular snack in the Northwest.

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