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Mini karaoke bars in Karamay cinema

By Ma Zhongli and Shi Zihan Updated: 2016-03-11

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Two karaoke machines recently appeared at the front of the Oscar Theater in Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, enabling customers to entertain themselves and kill time while waiting for the movies.

Each karaoke machine is in a glass room for two, which is also equipped with two earphones, microphones and stools. People can sing songs and share their recordings on WeChat by paying five yuan ($0.77) for one song or 15 yuan for 15 minutes.

The machine has more than 300 songs to choose from, and a fast resource-update speed thanks to a real-time connection, according to Gao Yuan, a staffer of the Oscar Theater.

More than 50 people try the new machines every day. Gao yuan said they would add more units and other equipment in answer to customers’ increasing demands for entertainment.

Edited by Peter Nordlinger