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Overseas Chinese in Sweden held culture festival in Stockholm

Updated: 2012-08-03 10:20

Chinese living in Sweden held a culture festival on Thursday in Stockholm's city center to show the Chinese culture with a long history and variable ethnic groups.

At the Sino-Poland culture festival in Sweden, the most attractive pictures at the festival were the ones about life of the Chinese ethnic groups, China's urban life and the life in the country.

The harmony of the ethnic groups in China had reflected the development of the Chinese society, said Wang Yuqing, president of Sino-Swedish Intercultural Association.

She added that overseas Chinese living in Sweden had the responsibility to present the profound Chinese culture to the Swedish society.

In the city center of Stockholm Kungstradgarden, both sides of the fountain were full of local people and tourists watching the traditional Chinese dragon dance and read silk dance.

Overseas Chinese also presented Chinese calligraphy, traditional pulse diagonosis and illustrated acupuncture to the Swedish people, who were very impressed by the Chinese culture.

"By presenting pictures, dance, music and calligraphy, I hope there will be more Swedish people knowing about Chinese culture and its ethinic groups. We Chinese living and working in Sweden also hope local people around us to learn about our culture and like it," said Wang.

The festival was held by the Sino-Swedish Intercultural Association, the Polish-Swedish Association and the government of capital city Stockholm.

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