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While some bury the hatchet, others have an ax to grind

(China Daily)
Updated: 2011-05-20 10:30
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While some bury the hatchet, others have an ax to grind

It seems some stars who fall together and then burn with animosity for each other are willing to let bygones be bygones.

It has been three years since the oh-so naughty photos of Edison Chen and Cecilia Cheung were accidentally released - and then accidentally released again. On May 8, the two found themselves in the first-class cabin of the same flight to Hong Kong from Taiwan, Hong Kong's Apple Daily reports.

But while this seemingly chance encounter might have lead to the spitting of venom - Cheung publicly accused Chen of "shedding crocodile tears" after the scandal broke - neither bared their fangs. Instead, Cheung reportedly asked the stewardess to let her swap seats so she could sit next to Chen, who chivalrously offered her his window seat.

They chatted and laughed until the plane touched down. Passengers said Cheung was visibly gleeful during the conversation. The starlet allegedly gestured wildly and spoke loudly enough to be overheard by other passengers.

Cheung also reportedly snapped a photo of them together with her mobile phone, and they appeared to exchange numbers.

Cheung was in Taiwan to attend the May 7 wedding of singer Christine Fan, while Chen had traveled there to promote his fashion brand. Chen had publicly revealed ahead of time that he would be hopping an afternoon flight that day, fueling speculation the two staged the reunion.

While Cheung and Chen seemed to have made amends, vitriolic writer Li Ao appears to be out to make enemies.

A-class model Lin Chi-ling has become the latest casualty of his march on the warpath, Xinhua reports.

Li used a TV talk show appearance to expand on his earlier comments about the 36-year-old belle, saying, "a beauty like her is too simple and lacks profundity".

He didn't deny she is indeed a looker - who could? - but says, "she should retire now".

Li seemed to be looking for double trouble when he took shots at Lin and another person of a certain age, letting them both have barrels.

"Ma Ying-jeou's problem is the same as Lin's - both were attractive but are too old now," he said, citing the bags under Ma's eyes to support his theory.

Lin's agent responded, saying: "She is trying hard to transform herself. Give us some time, and we'll present some good work from her."

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