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Bling never loses its shine

By Manja Gress (China Daily)
Updated: 2011-02-01 07:54
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 Bling never loses its shine

The more colorful and flashy the dress is, the more modest the jewelry. By contrast, a plain outfit can be enhanced by conspicuous jewelry. Joseph Barrak / AFP

Jewelry designers' bold fashion statements should be tailored to the individual so they complement the body and look, Manja Gress says.

Jewelry is never out of fashion, but it can be difficult to find the right combination of jewelry and clothing. When it comes to necklaces, the neckline of a blouse, shirt or dress is a deciding factor. Jewelry designers this season have given their fantasy free reign.

Among the trends are so-called "bib chains", a low-price variation of the luxurious necklace made from priceless metals and sometimes dotted with gems and pearls.Extra-large pieces and multiple chains of pearls also are popular.

But not every piece of jewelry goes well with every dress or top. The neckline of the garment plays a big role in choosing the right jewelry.

Jewelry plays an especially important role when searching for something to go with a chic evening gown, says Melanie Dummin, marketing director for the German-based jewelry retailer Christ.

"Every woman wants to feel like a princess at some time in her life," Dummin says. "A classy chain can be an eye-catcher and underscores the woman's personality."

But jewelry should only reinforce the beauty of a dress, not distract from it.

"Stylish accessories, such as opulent rings or chains made of various materials, are too modern and don't go with the classic evening gown," Dummin says.

Evening dresses and evening gowns should be combined with classic jewelry, such as a short, round chain that lies near the throat. The chain can be made of white gold, yellow gold or sterling silver and may hold a small filigree pendant.

Generally, the more colorful and flashy the dress is, the more modest the jewelry should be. By contrast, a plain outfit can be enhanced by conspicuous jewelry.

Designer Michael Michalsky, from Berlin, recommends wearing a short chain of pearls or multiple short chains of pearls with a dress that has a round neckline.

"This emphasizes the throat and goes with the shape of the neckline," he says.

Style expert Dagmar Dobrofsky recommends selecting a chain that doesn't conform perfectly with the shape of the neckline.

Otherwise, she says, the effect of the jewelry and the neckline is nullified. Women who are short should let a necklace extend downward to just under the breastbone. This has an elongating effect, Dobrofsky says.

Necklaces should not be worn with garments that have a round neckline that is lined with pearls, rhinestones or sequins, Michalsky says.

Dobrofsky agrees, adding that rings, bracelets and wristwatches can be worn to balance the decorative neckline.

The only necklace that should be worn with a bustier is a delicate, short necklace, possibly with a pendant, fashion journalist Kathrin Bierling says.

When a woman wants to make a striking appearance, large earrings or an elaborate choker go well with a bustier, Bierling says. The open style of the tight-fitting garment alone is enough to guarantee a lot of looks. Michalsky advises against V- or Y-formed chains that detract from the cut of the bustier.

A bit more jewelry can be worn with the so-called "bandeau top" - large earrings and thick chains - if it's worn in the evening, Michalsky says. The V neckline often reveals a bit of cleavage. Long and short chains can be worn with these necklines, he adds.

"The links of the chain can be fine to medium fine," he says.

Bierling offers a tip for a V-shaped neckline that she discovered when considering the look of wrap-around dresses. Long chains looped twice around the neck are also pretty in combination with that style, she says.

German Press Agency

 Bling never loses its shine

Jewelry plays a big role in women's evening fashion. Muhammed Muheisen / AP

(China Daily 02/01/2011 page19)

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