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Dongba painting of Naxi ethnic group

Updated: 2010-10-14 10:16
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Dongba painting of Naxi ethnic group

C. Significance Dongba painting is distinguishable by its rough lines, primitive and crude patterns, and the mystical ancient Dongba hieroglyphs, which makes it an invaluable tool for research of primitive art.

In recent years, a contemporary Dongba painting school has appeared in China's art circles, mainly consisting of young and middle-aged Naxi artists. While incorporating the quintessence of Dongba art, the artists strive to look at this ancient ethnic group and the culture of its people from a new perspective. The result has been the creation of numerous pictures with a fresh flavor of the times and a strong ethnic touch. Both bold and expressive in technique, the contemporary artists are able to create pictures with rich connotations, vividly displaying history and unique customs as well as the love and life pursuits of the ancient Naxi people.

Dongba paintings as well as the art of Dongba painting are invaluable treasures in the ethnic gallery. They have aroused the interests of art circles both at home and abroad because of the Naxi people and their religion and also because of the paintings themselves.

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