Gluten-free products become tasty trend in health food industry

( ) Updated: 2014-04-15 11:33:03

Gone are the days when a low sugar and low fat diet was enough to be considered as "healthy."

From coconut oil, organic vegetable to non-genetically modified fruit, health food has become big business.

At the trade fair of the 50th annual Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) conference which ended here Sunday afternoon, Gluten-free products became people's most favorite healthy food.

At the stand of Pat Libling, the middle-aged lady displayed various cookies, brownies and muffins which are all gluten-free. Libling told Xinhua that she suffered from celiac disease - an intestinal disorder caused by a reaction to eating gluten - and wasn't happy with the gluten-free products on the market. So she started to make these gluten-free food herself. Twelve years later, her business is booming.

Now the founder and President of PatsyPie company, Libling said they have biscotti, cookies, brownies, muffins, pie crusts, to name a few.

"Our products are different from other gluten free products. We don't bake with starches. We bake with alternative gluten-free grains. So the whole family can enjoy them."

CHFA President Helen Long said the organization was founded in Vancouver in 1964, with an aim to bring together suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers interested in innovative health food products. One of the latest trends has certainly been a growing interest in gluten-free products, she added.

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