Old-style feel-good eatery

By Ye Jun ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-03-09 11:30:40

Old-style feel-good eatery

Pear drink is served in a bronze kettle and glass cup, presenting an old-Beijing feel. Photos by Ye Jun / China Daily

Xiaodiao Litang Chinese restaurant has a unique old-Beijing style, both in the food and in the decor.

Old-style feel-good eatery

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Old-style feel-good eatery

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Xiaodiao refers to a small measuring jug, and litang means pear soup. According to the menu at Xiaodiao Litang, the hot pear soup was a traditional drink in old Beijing as popular as douzhi'er, traditional green bean juice.

The pear drink was often served to Peking Opera audiences in early 20th century Beijing, after performances.

Almost every table orders a pot of the sweet pear soup in the restaurant. Boiled with pear, white fungus and rock sugar, it has a nice taste, and it is not so sweet, so you can drink it throughout the meal. The bronze kettle, and good-looking glass cup used to serve the drink, immediately give one an old-Beijing feel.

That classic Beijing style is consistent in the decoration and food at the restaurant's Hepingli branch. Nowhere else could you see wooden tables and chairs as heavy as the ones at the eatery. Patterned wooden panels, pictures of ancient beauties on porcelain, and gray bricks that are typical of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) Beijing - it is a comfortable and delightful atmosphere, although the seating space is a bit compact.

Food is presented beautifully. Dishes look and taste better than most home-style restaurants. The amount of food on a plate is enough for a small group.

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