Xi-Lien dinner inspires new set menus

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Xi-Lien dinner inspires new set menus

A chef shows the Xi-Lien dinner dishes in Xi'an ,Shaanxi province. [Photo by Chen Tuanjie/for China Daily]

Xi-Lien dinner inspires new set menus


Xi-Lien dinner inspires new set menus

Biangbiang noodles 

Xi-Lien dinner inspires new set menus


Two restaurants in Northwest China's Shaanxi province created new 58-yuan set menus featuring local food after the news that President Xi Jinping treated Kuomintang Honorary Chairman Lien Chan with authentic Shaanxi food, went viral online, Huashang Daily reported on Thursday.

The new menus include biangbiang noodles, yangrou paomo and roujiamo, three of the dishes believed to have been ordered during Xi and Lien’s dinner the previous day.

"It has really boosted our confidence," Song Wenjing, one of the restaurant owners said. "I didn’t expect the President would treat his guest with our local food. I’m very proud and will make more efforts to promote our own food culture."

Both menu sets include two or three main dishes and four or five side dishes. Wu Yingjie, owner of the other restaurant, said his new set menu not only guarantees the customers a taste of authentic cuisine but also provides them with a hearty meal.

Some netizens on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging platform, said that it is the real "A Bite of China" when the leaders care enough for the food that common people eat daily.

The reason behind such comments was that the Qing-Feng Steamed Dumpling Shop's Yuetan branch was surprised by a visit from President Xi Jinping last December.

President Xi insisted on waiting in line with the rest of the patrons and ordered a plate of mustard leaves, a bowl of stewed pork liver soup, and six shallot and pork buns.

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