Warm hues for APEC

By Sun Yuanqing ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-11-28 07:41:24

Warm hues for APEC

Photo provided to China Daily

Twenty days before the event, only nine sets of ladies' measurements were available to his company, with late measurements arriving only a week prior to APEC's opening.

The label hired 60 top embroidery artists from Suzhou to work with its craftsmen on round-the-clock shifts. Embroideries that were supposed to take 20 days were accomplished in a week.

Measurements for the first ladies of Australia, Pakistan, Brunei and Cambodia were not provided beforehand, so the designers had to make do with their archived visuals. They provided two final versions for each to choose from. All the garments were delivered on Nov 4, one day before the meetings begun.

Although the ladies attire attracted wide attention, selling in the market isn't on Zhang's mind, he says.

"We can customize in terms of style, color and patterns," he says. "For us, it is a rare opportunity."

People could also see how traditional craftsmanship is being revived through such clothes, he adds. "It also helps people know more about indigenous Chinese designs."

His brand was founded in 1982 as a maker of fur clothing and later expanded to evening gowns, wedding dresses and couture creations highlighting traditional Chinese aesthetics and handicrafts.

In 2007, Prince Joachim of Denmark picked a dress from NE Tiger for his then to-be princess. In 2010, a red silk gown, made by seven ancient weaving techniques, was collected from NE Tiger by the Capital Museum.

A NE Tiger silk scarf embroidered with peonies and bamboo leaves was given as a state gift to Denmark's Queen Margrethe II during her official visit to China in April.

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