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  Sounds of yesteryear seduce Shanghainese
Citizens of different ages held their breath as the hawkers' voices, popular in nearly all Shanghai communities before the mid 1980s, were replayed.
  Graffiti in Beijing
Li Qiuqiu is one of the first graffiti artists in Beijing. He started doing graffiti ten years ago, and now runs a skateboard store.
  The World of Antoni Gaudi
Welcome to the world of Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), Spain's most eccentric architect. The exhibition, Cosmos Gaudi: Architecture, Geometry and Design, is now running at the Capital Museum in Beijing until August 2.
  S. Korean Art Exhibition Opens
An exhibition featuring more than 120 artworks including sculptures and paintings by 80 modern Korean artists opens in the Korean Cultural Service centre in Beijing on Monday.
  Secret of a Walking Marriage Custom
It was American writer, botanist and longtime resident of Yunnan Joseph Rock who once wrote that the last peaceful place on the planet, the last place where war has never existed...
  Drama:I Heart Beijing
I Heart Beijing, a new comedic play by Elyse Ribbons, is a rowdy sendup of life in the capital...
  The Xumishan Grottoes
The Xuminshan grottoes lie on the eastern side of Mount Xumi. The grottoes were adorned with statues, wall paintings, and inscribed stelae during a 600-year period between the fourth and tenth centuries A.D.
  Two Chinese sites listed on world's 100 most endangered
Early modern Shanghai architectures and over 1,000-year-old Xumishan Grottoes in northern China were listed on the 100 most endangered architectural and cultural sites in the world by WWF.
  A Story about Tiger Shoes
The tiger has played a important role in Chinese Culture. As symbol of power, bravery and stateliness, the image of the tiger has widely been used in ancient times.
  Imperial Tombs of the Ming Dynasty
Within Chinese thinking, the number "13" is not an inauspicious omen, except in the case of the Ming Dynasty imperial family.
  Four Chinese female artists of the 52th Venice Biennale
Four female artists will create site specific works in the building and the Vergini Gardens.
  The Grand Wedding of China's Last Emperor
December 1, 1922 was the wedding day for China's last emperor Aisin-Gioro Puyi. Seventeen yearold beauty Wan Rong was wed to him as the last empress in China's history.
  Memories in Childhood
I believe that my contemporary guys must share similar memories as i do. Recollecting my childhood, i can still call back those classics that had implanted in my min, such as the innumerable exciting cartoons...
  Maohou: Miniature Masterpiece
"Maohou" is a puppet built with cicada shells and magnolia buds. With slender limbs and tail, "maohou" monkeys are undeniably cute.
  Dunhuang Frescoes enter the Digital Age
Caretakers are turning to computers to save the frescoes of China's Dunhuang caves on the ancient Silk Road from half a million tourists a year, the Bloomberg reported.
  Roles in Peking Opera
Peking Opera Roles include sheng (male role), dan (female role), jing (painted-face male role), and chou (comedic male role), distinguished on the basis of sex, age, and personality.
  Da A Fu :Huishan Clay Figurines
Da A Fu, meaning "great good fortune," is the most well known representative work in Huishan Clay Figure
  Secrets of Women's Underwear
Underwear revealed women's beliefs toward life, taste in beauty and appeal for love. They expressed all this through various patterns, bold colors and delicate craftsmanship.
  Going "green"
Green collars say no when work is life and life is work. They choose to get out of the fast lane, and explore new ways of living 'green.'
  Know a Chinese from His Name
Chinese names contain a spectrum of cultural information. It is one of the favorite topics the Chinese enjoy talking about.