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  Numbers inside the Forbidden City
Like the sanctuaries and pyramids in ancient Egypt, the Forbidden City in Beijing has a set of rules governing the choice of its architectural dimensions.
  Sakyamuni Pagoda
A 67-metre-tall pagoda in Yingxian County of north China's Shanxi Province has somehow survived the natural and human vicissitudes of history for 950 years.
  Starbucks out of Forbidden City
A controversial Starbucks coffee shop in the Forbidden City, the former imperial palace at the heart of Beijing, has closed its doors after years of opposition.
  Tomb Figurines, Buried Mystery
In ancient times, Chinese ancestors believed that the deceased could enjoy the same life pleasures in the underworld.
  30m building within Emperor Qin's tomb?
Chinese archeologists recently announced that they have discovered a building buried within the 50-meter-high pyramid-like tomb of the first Qin Emperor.
  Chinese official hopes new seven wonders poll will protect Great Wall
China's government body in charge of the nation's historic sites is hoping the Great Wall's topping of the "New Seven Wonders of the World" list will raise public awareness of the need for its protection.
  Great Wall of China Named as 'New' World Wonder
The Great Wall of China was named as one of the new seven wonders of the world Saturday in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.
  Hong Kong Modern Dances

"Whisper of Love"

The Hong Kong Culture Series - Dance Collection introduces Beijing audiences to Hong Kong's modern dance world
  Xiushui Village: Home of Palace Graduates
Xiushui Village has been known for many generations as a village of palace graduates.
  Six World Heritage Sites Being Warned
While celebrations continue for the South China Karst and Kaiping Watchtower being inscribed on the World Heritage list recently, few people have any idea that six World Heritage sites in the country have been warned by UNESCO.
  China has two more World Heritage sites
The South China Karst, which is made up of the stone forest in Yunnan Province, Libo County in Guizhou Province, and Wulong County in Chongqing City, was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List Wednesday.
  Biasha: Living Fossil of Miao Ethnic Culture
Even in the era of the Yellow Emperor, some 4,000 years ago, after being defeated in a battle, the Miao were forced to move to the deep forests.
  Cold tea? Herbal tea!
"Cold tea" is a drink made with single or multiple local herbs to drive away the heat and humidity from the body.
  Beijing Silk Figurines
Folk cloth-pinpricked and color-pricked toys and other handicrafts are all closely connected with handcrafting silk figurines.
  Taoyuan Wine-jar Lids
Taoyuan wine-jar lids are famous cultural artifacts, known for their unique Chinese folk art style.
  'Made in Hong Kong'
Hong Kong is a dazzling metropolis where you will be thrilled by all kinds of delightful visual feasts.
  Tai Chi Chuan, the Art of Slow Movements
Tai Chi is an exercise that benefits people for all ages, especially the seniors, who enjoy the soft, flowing movements.
  The Worship Road--Tibetan Kowtow
This is the way to express their most honest hearts to the Buddha, as they walk from their hometown to Lhasa.
  Dragon Boat Festival
Today(June 19 ) is China's traditional festival Duanwujie (Dragon Boat Festival) ,which dates back to about 2,000 years ago with a number of legends explaining its origin.
  National Pavillions at 2007 Venice Biennale
The 52nd Venice Biennale exhibition of contemporary art runs from 10 June to 21 November and is curated by American art critic and painter Robert Storr, the first US director in the Biennale’s history.