Chinese Drinking Table Guide

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Chinese Drinking Table Guide

 Vol 9


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Chinese Drinking Table Guide
The Pleasures of Drinking Table
Romancing the Bottle
Table Manner Tip Sheet

The exploration of Chinese drinking tables offers more than just sensory pleasure. Imbued with Confucian etiquette and customs, Jiu or alcoholic beverages in general, have played a unique role in all walks of social life in China...

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 Chinese Drinking Table Guide


Tea Sets, Art of Living

There are various kinds of Chinese alcoholic drinks and they are quite distinctive from those of other countries..

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Chinese Drinking Table Guide


Wuyuan, Younger than Springtime

Chinese people set high requirements for the match of tea of different quality with water and tea wares...

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Chinese Drinking Table Guide


One Night in Ghost Street

It is a street with more than 100 restaurants, tasty red hot Sichuan delicacies, and billowing red lanterns lining...

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Chinese Drinking Table Guide


Sky in Spring, Kites' Paradise

The ancient Chinese, inspired by birds, made kites in the shape of birds, and named them after the birds...

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Chinese Drinking Table Guide


Shopping Golden Rules

The following "Shopping Golden Rules" may make your life easier and more interesting when it comes time to shop in China.

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Chinese Drinking Table Guide

First Steps to Master Chinese Calligraphy

Brushes, ink sticks, paper, and ink stones are known as 'the four treasures of the study.'

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