[2015-03-03 10:49]


Prince William attends the opening of 'Great Festival of Creativity'

[2015-03-03 08:38]

Britain's Prince William attends the opening of the "Great Festival of Creativity," at the Long Museum in Shanghai.

Artist draws on rich past, folklore of Grand Canal

[2015-03-03 07:54]

If anyone is called upon to demonstrate the culture and folklore associated with the Hangzhou section of the Grand Canal, Wu Liren should be at the top of the list.

Prince William launches China-UK cultural year

[2015-03-02 19:35]

Britain's Prince William launched a China-UK cultural event here on Monday during his first-ever visit to China, by dotting the eyes of a sculpture of British cartoon character Shaun the Sheep.

Schedules for NPC, CPPCC annual sessions -- March 3

[2015-03-02 18:53]

At 3 pm Tuesday, the CPPCC National Committee will open its annual session at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, will deliver a report on the work undertaken by the CPPCC National Committee's Standing Committee during the past year.


[2015-03-02 10:42]



[2015-02-28 09:56]


Schedule of the Two Sessions 2015

[2015-02-27 14:50]

March 3: Session of the CPPCC opens. Members of the body's National Committee will attend the opening ceremony.
March 4: The NPC will hold a news conference in which a spokesperson will answer questions from domestic and overseas media.


[2015-02-26 10:12]

“四个全面”即Four Comprehensives,指的是:全面建成小康社会、全面深化改革、全面依法治国、全面从严治党。

Cultural events during the Spring Festival break

[2015-02-25 14:31]

The Spring Festival holiday has officially ended and most Chinese have returned to work. This year's break, as always, was packed with events. Here we present the most memorable ones.

Agendas wide-ranging for meetings

[2015-02-25 07:27]

Editor's Note: The two sessions, or the annual meetings of the National People's Congress and National Committee of the Chinese Political Consultative Conference, will convene in early March to discuss major economic and social issues such as GDP growth, military expenditures and measures to push reforms forward. China Daily will present a series of stories on the major issues likely to be discussed at the sessions.

Vietnam's travel companies cash in on Lunar New Year holiday

[2015-02-24 13:54]

Tens of thousands of local and international visitors headed to beauty-spots and tourist destinations in Vietnam during the traditional Lunar New Year holiday (locally called Tet), which lasted from Feb. 15 to 23 this year, local media reported Tuesday.

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