Ang Lee plans to make movie in Philippines

( CRI online ) Updated: 2013-12-03 13:45:54

Ang Lee plans to make movie in Philippines

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Ang Lee plans to make movie in Philippines

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Chinese-American director Ang Lee was in Manila, Philippines Thursday (28 NOV. 2013) to attend an open forum and special screening of his movie "Life Of Pi."

The Academy Award winner addressed an audience of aspiring film makers and adoring fans at the event which was entitled "A Salute to Ang Lee".

Lee told audience members to look to Hollywood to truly hone their skills. "For those of you who want to make bigger movies, of course nobody makes movies like Americans. It's like if you're talented in contributing science, like let's say space shuttle, you have to work in America. If you are a great basketball player, you want to play in the NBA, it's the major league. There is a certain culture and way of thinking and operating that you have to adapt and deal with."

Lee took home his first Oscar in 2000 when "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was named as best foreign language film.

He went on to win best director twice - in 2005 for "Brokeback Mountain" and 2012 for "Life Of Pi."

But, Lee said, audience members didn't like everything about "Life of Pi" when it was first released.

This is Lee's first visit to the Philippines, where he is planning to set his next movie.

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