China to issue coins on centennial of 1911 Revolution

Updated: 2011-09-27 20:09


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BEIJING - The People's Bank of China, the central bank, announced Tuesday that it will issue a set of commemorative coins on September 30 to mark the centennial of the history-changing 1911 Xinhai Revolution.

This set of coins includes one gold and one silver.

The gold coin features the head of Sun Yat-sen, leader of the 1911 Revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty and ended China's 2,000 years of imperial rule.

The back of the silver coin will feature a representation of the Wuchang Uprising that led to the fall of China'a last feudal dynasty.

The gold coin, 22 millimeters in diameter, contains a quarter ounce of gold with a face value of 100 yuan ($15.6). The maximum circulation is 100,000.

The silver coin, 40 millimeters in diameter, contains one ounce of pure silver with a face value of 10 yuan. The maximum circulation is 160,000.