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World media keeps close watch on 'two sessions'

Updated: 2009-03-04 22:57

The outside world is concerned about whether the government will pump more into the economy through spending on public works and spell out more measures to encourage consumption at the upcoming session of the National People's Congress (NPC), Yomiuri Shimbun said.

Lianhe Zaobao, a leading Chinese-language newspaper in Singapore, on Wednesday said in an editorial that China's economic policy of stimulating domestic demand draws attention around the world because it will affect the economic situation of other countries. The Chinese economy has this kind of ability based on its current economic and trade scale, along with its government procurement abilities.

China, which can save itself, has the ability and is willing to create opportunities for the recovery of world economy instead of becoming a burden of other countries, the editorial said.

The CNN reported Tuesday that the focus of the annual session will be on jobs, the economy and social stability. "This year, the number one issue will be how to survive the global economic crisis and keep China's economy growing." the report said.

Surviving the global financial crisis will depend on the effectiveness of the stimulus effort, the CNN quoted Drew Thompson, a China analyst at the Nixon Center in Washington, as saying.

Dan Viet, newspaper of Vietnam Communist Party, reported the opening of the CPPCC session. The report, made by Jia Qinglin, chairman of the CPPCC, focused on maintaining the stable development of the economy, and promoting the improvement of people's livelihood and building a harmonious society, the report said.

The Chinese-language newspapers in the Philippines on Wednesday focused on how the Chinese government will lead the country to tackle the problems brought by the global financial crisis.

The World News, widest-circulation Chinese-language newspaper in the Philippines, gave its Wednesday's headline to the NPC and CPPCC. The newspaper cited Jia Qinglin as saying that 2009 will be a key year to deal with the impacts brought by the global financial crisis and boost the development of China and the CPC.

Malaysia's Sin Chew Daily on Wednesday reported the focus of Jia's report in its special column for the NPC and CPPCC. It said the issue of economy will be the main tone of the two annual sessions.

Nanyang Siau Pau gave its whole page on international issues to China's two annual sessions, with headlines of "China's NPC and CPPCC opens in financial tsunami, Jia vows to maintain stable economic development."

In Thailand, the New Chinese Daily, Tonghua Daily News, Sing Sian Yip Pao and the Asia Daily gave their headlines to reports on the opening of the CPPCC along with photos.

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