Drug scandal overshadows film stars' career

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2014-08-24 13:15:08

Drug scandal overshadows film stars' career

Clockwise from top: Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan, Taiwan actor Kai Ko, actor Gao Hu, actor Zhang Mo, director Zhang Yuan, singer Li Daimo and scriptwriter Ning Caishen.

BEIJING - As the public is still debating whether stars found to have used drugs should be given a second chance, associations of China's movie industry have voiced an outright rejection attitude.

According to, several film associations, including China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association and China Film Directors' Guild, are drafting a proposal to call for more self-discipline among film stars and filmmakers.

Wang Xingdong, chairman of a film literature association, said that film stars using drugs can have a very bad influence on the society, as their fans usually consider them as their models, both in acting and in morality.

This is the second boycott proposal to drug using from the entertainment industry after film stars Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko were detained last Thursday after being tested positive for marijuana. Chan and Ko are still in custody.

Prior to this, dozens of talent agencies in Beijing signed a letter of commitment vowing not to hire stars who use drugs.

Several films starring Chan and Ko may change their screening plans to avoid the fallout of the scandal. Ko's endorsement earnings may also get affected by the drug scandal.

Drug scandal overshadows film stars' career Drug scandal overshadows film stars' career Drug scandal overshadows film stars' career
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