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Shanghai firm signs deal with eBay

By SHI JING in Shanghai ( Updated: 2014-11-18 17:52

The global leading e-commerce platform eBay, signed a strategic agreement on Tuesday with the Shanghai-based Winit Corporation, which is a total solutions provider for cross-border e-commerce companies, in an attempt to strengthen the comprehensive warehousing services tailor-made for eBay sellers.

Winit will provide eBay sellers with a one-stop, cross-border supply chain solutions, supported by overseas warehousing, big data and a focus on optimizing buyer experience. Sellers can enjoy full-package services ranging from international shipping and overseas warehouse management to last-mile delivery. In addition to the end-to-end transparent tracking system, value-added business consulting services based on big data will also be available to sellers, including inventory management and business expansion.

"Leveraging our unrivaled global advantages, eBay continues to invest in enhancing retail exports from China, offering an improved and localized shopping experience that connects Chinese sellers and global buyers. We believe that with the benefits of comprehensive warehousing services, Chinese sellers can play a more important role in global trade and enhance consumer selection worldwide," said John Lin, managing director of eBay greater China.

"By optimizing overseas warehousing and operation management, we will help eBay sellers integrate online trade with the offline cross-border supply chain, and shift the logistics disadvantage into 'local competitiveness,' offering a simpler, more efficient, convenient and cost-effective trading experience for both sellers and buyers," said Yang Zhu, chief executive officer of Winit Corporation.

"The industry's booming development is calling for stricter demands of supply chain-related services, and high-efficiency logistic services will be a key factor in the competition of cross-border trade," he added.

The "ship first, sell later" model of overseas warehousing has transformed traditional cross-border logistics. It also provides the chance for Chinese sellers to compete with overseas counterparts by improving delivery efficiency and quality, and optimizing the return and exchange experience.

According to eBay's internal data, in the United Kingdom, 79 percent of products shipped from overseas warehouses can be delivered to consumers within three days, and 95 percent within five days.

Since 2013, Winit has established four warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia, providing eBay sellers with tailor-made one-stop services, including international trading, international logistics management, domestic and international warehouse management, and IT services.

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