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Highlights of Beijing Auto Show

( Updated: 2014-04-24 16:46

The Beijing auto show has been driving numerous conversations in recent days. The annual exhibition has provided numerous opportunities for people in all aspects of the auto sector to make a number of juicy deals.

The scale of the exhibition might help to explain why it's drawn so much attention. More than 2,000 automakers from more than 14 countries and regions have come to Beijing to show off their latest vehicles and attract business. Nearly all of the large international automakers are on hand.

In all, the automakers brought more than 1,000 cars to the show. More than 10 percent of the vehicles are making their global debut at the event that the automakers see as their most important international opportunity to demonstrate their designs to potential buyers.

In the sea of cars, those that function with new energy have attracted the most attention. Many foreign and Chinese automakers have unveiled new energy models. BYD, for example, launched its new SUV at the show while China FAW debuted four new energy models. In accordance with the season, the auto-makers are also "Going Green."


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