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China's cultural sector sees steady growth in 2011

[2012-12-04 09:29]

Added value generated by those providing cultural and entertainment goods and services surged 21.96 percent year on year to hit 1.35 trillion yuan.

Exporter uses park to foster new boom

[2012-11-30 09:16]

As part of the capital's work to transform its mode of economic growth, Beijing is placing a priority on service industries.

City opens cultural sector to woo investors

[2012-11-06 10:39]

Beijing has thrown open its cultural and creative sectors to attract Hong Kong investors for the first time amid efforts to restructure the capital's economic growth model.

China's cultural industry reform pays off

[2012-10-23 16:26]

China's decade-long cultural sector reform is seeing encouraging results. And the Jiangxi Repertory Theater is one particular example.

China urges for greater cultural development

[2012-10-15 17:15]

Senior Chinese leader Li Changchun has called on local authorities to boost development of the cultural industry.

Wanda outlines plans for cultural projects

[2012-09-21 20:59]

Dalian Wanda Group outlined its ambitious plans at the recent 2012 Cultural and Creative Industry Summit in Beijing.

China to encourage M&As of culture sector

[2012-08-07 17:47]

The Ministry of Finance said on Monday it will spend most of its annual budget for the culture industry on encouraging mergers and acquisitions, innovations and investment in overseas markets, activities that are to be led by State-owned enterprises directly under the central government.

Zhouzhuang develops its cultural creative industry

[2012-08-03 09:50]

Zhouzhuang is developing its cultural creative industry by encouraging cultural tourism, creative crafts, art trade, entertainment, industrial design and exhibitions.

Fund to inject $157m into Chinese cultural firms

[2012-07-09 17:14]

The China Culture Industry Investment Fund plans to plough $157 million into Chinese cultural and media enterprises over the next six months.

City boosts cultural and creative sectors

[2012-06-29 08:06]

Beijing will further promote the development of the cultural and creative industries and enhance its role as the city's major pillar industry and economic growth engine, said Beijing Party Secretary Liu Qi.

Cultural investment system takes shape

[2012-06-19 14:47]

The investment and financial system of China's cultural and creative industries has taken shape, Ministry of Culture official Liu Yuzhu says.

China to further promote cultural reform

[2012-05-16 08:46]

Minister of Culture Cai Wu said that China will promote reform and development in its cultural sector and build a comprehensive public cultural service system.

Key to unlock China's creativity

[2012-03-13 13:51]

Prolonged economic difficulties in what are essentially Chinese manufacturers' main export markets pose long-term challenges to the country's economic model.

China enhances culture industry competitiveness

[2012-02-29 06:55]

A cultural development plan aims to include a goal of doubling the added value of the culture industry by 2015.

Culture to be pillar industry

[2012-02-16 13:18]

China will build a modern cultural industry system featuring innovative content and strong competitiveness, according to a national cultural development blueprint published on Wednesday.

Culture is new growth source

[2012-01-10 09:35]

China is looking to its cultural industry for stimulus to shore up its slowing growth and to sustain its economic restructuring.

Officials call for support of the cultural industry

[2012-01-04 07:50]

To compete with foreign rivals, Chinese cultural businesses should both become stronger and adapt to the international culture market, according to a senior cultural official.

Seminar on creative industries in Beijing

[2011-11-24 14:11]

The first seminar on cultural and creative industries in western Beijing was held on Nov 20 at Xiangshan Art Museum.

Creative industry forum lures international audience

[2011-11-24 14:05]

The third Cultural and Creative Industry and City Branding Forum ran from Nov 21 to Nov 22 at Renmin University of China in Beijing.

Emerging cultural and creative industry cluster

[2011-11-14 16:18]

Zhongguancun owns the leading technologies of virtual reality technology, DTV and digital content production and broadcast equipment, and the online game development engine and platform.

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