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Zhouzhuang develops its cultural creative industry

By Zhong Qiankun ( Updated: 2012-08-03 09:50

Zhouzhuang is developing its cultural creative industry by encouraging cultural tourism, creative crafts, art trade, entertainment, industrial design and exhibitions. The town has nearly realized four cultural creative groups.

1. The tourism group covers catering, accommodation, traffic, tours, shopping and entertainment. Zhouzhuang invested in the reconstruction of old streets and the enhancement of water–town culture. Investments also helped complete construction work that encouraged transformation, economic development and industrial structure adjustments. The town also focused on introducing high-end tourism projects, unique hotels, catering and brand-name merchandise.  

2. The cultural industrial group covers training, design, manufacturing and sales of artistic works. “Zhouzhuang Painters’ Village” received a painting factory in 2007 and has attracted many painters and art institutions from around the world. The factory is a complete cultural industrial cluster of artwork trade. It can facilitate painter training, frame manufacturing, artwork design, production, export and trade.

3. The agricultural cultural group covers sightseeing, leisure, vacation and cultural experiences. Zhouzhuang used its agricultural advantages to develop “pleasure-in-farmhouse tourism” which encourages farm activities and accommodation. The town also encouraged the construction of the Fugui Garden and integrated farm projects such as the Ninthday Farm. It also has opened a water voyage attraction to promote vacation tourism.

4. The arts and craft group covers design, production, exhibition and sales. Zhouzhuang had the license to produce Haibao, the mascot for the Shanghai Expo. The town also encouraged various arts and craft companies to develop new souvenirs with local characteristics. The town built an exhibition center to present souvenirs and establish a sales base for the diversification and development of its cultural market.

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