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( Updated: 2011-11-14 16:18

Zhongguancun owns the leading technologies of virtual reality technology, DTV and digital content production and broadcast equipment, and the online game development engine and platform. The park is also home to many leading cultural companies, represented by Crystal CG, Perfect World and Phoebus Vision.

The digital virtual technology and digital vision technology of Crystal CG were applied at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival at the Shanghai World Expo, and will also be applied at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Some companies and institutions in the park have achieved the national standard for DTMB, the industry standard for CMMB, the national standard for ABS-S and AVS, and the core technology for chip-based DTV, including Tsinghua University, the Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy Sciences, Beijing Haier, Timi Technologies Co Ltd, InnoFidei Technology, Availink, and United Source Coding Audio & Video Technologies (Beijing) Co Ltd.

Phoebus Vision has developed a digital TV with the largest screen in the world. Telestone has researched and developed a wireless access system and application solutions based on the integration of three networks – telecommunication, computer and cable television networks. The NLE system from Dayang Technology Development Inc seizes the largest share of domestic TV (radio) production and broadcast system market and the Sumavision is the largest supplier of DTV equipment in domestic market.

Perfect World ranks first in China in terms of online game export amount. Le TV is China’s largest online movie and TV drama distribution portal and a leading 3G mobile TV portal in China.

In the next decade, the park will stick to the integrated development of the cultural and creative industry and high technologies, and promote information content, search engine, online games, creative design, digital publication, e-commerce, online learning, mobile TV and other new and value added services.

The park will accelerate the building of a creative industry base, a digital entertainment industry base and a new media industry base, enlarge the scale of the digital production and digital animation industry and develop a national digital content production center and trading center.

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