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Current solutions can lead to future problems

Updated: 2013-04-08 10:52

"You always sow the seeds of the next crisis by solving the current one. With so much liquidity being pushed into the system, this could be cause of the next crisis."

            -- Peter Costello, Former Treasurer, Commonwealth of Australia

"The released data for government debts in China might not be accurate, but the overall proportion is still low, and the risks are under control."

            -- Xiang Huaicheng, Former Minister of Finance, China

"While witnessing problems in western countries we should be prudent and reassess the sustainability of our systems. We have to ask whether we can sustain this growth. Without this sustainability in systems, the next breaking point could be China."

            -- Fred Hu, Chairman, Primavera Capital Group

"With USD being the predominant status of world preserve currency, the US has been shifting underlying crisis into other countries. However, once it loses the privilege, US might be the one to originate the next debt crisis, and that will consequently cause systematic risks worldwide."

            -- Zhang Qizuo, Deputy Secretary General, Globalization Cooperation Forum