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China to streamline procedures for withdrawing housing provident funds

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-08-31 09:21

BEIJING - Home buyers will be required to submit fewer documents when withdrawing housing provident funds to buy apartments in Beijing, according to a circular.

The guideline in the circular, issued by the housing fund administrative center, will be effective starting Sept 1.

The new Charity Law will also take effect on Sept 1, which will require charity organizations to be recognized by authorities before they solicit public donations, and online charities should work with websites approved by civil affairs authorities.

A new regulation on online advertisement will require all online ads to be marked "advertisement" starting Sept 1 so netizens can more easily identify them.

The WeChat account of the State Bureau for Letters and Calls, China's official channel for people to file complaints, will be launched starting Sept 1 in order to offer more convenient communication for petitioners.

The account will serve as a platform for petitioners to lodge appeals, offer opinions and feedback, track the progress of petitions and rate petition services.

Official statements, policy explanations and new regulations regarding petitions will also be publicized on the account.

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