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China urges US to stop illegal anti-dumping

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-05-14 10:57

BEIJING - China will take enforcement action against the United States under the WTO dispute settlement framework to urge the latter to stop illegal anti-dumping activities.

The United States failed to enforce the decision made by the WTO appellate body to stop 15 illegal anti-dumping practices against Chinese products, damaging WTO credibility and Chinese enterprises' interests, said a statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce on Friday.

China proposed settlement of US anti-dumping practices on 22 Chinese products including solar panels and petroleum tubing in 2012. An expert group was organized and published its report in favor of China in 2014.

The ministry urged the US side to finish domestic reinvestigation procedures and enforce the WTO decision.

China will again resort to the WTO dispute settlement framework if the United States fails to reform its practices, the ministry added.

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