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Top 10 'new first-tier' cities in China

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-05-13 07:08 Comments

A list of 'new first-tier' cities was released by CBNweekly based on statistical analysis of the degree of commercial resources clustering, activities of citizens, variety of life and malleability in the future.

The list covers 338 Chinese cities, and was created after researching into the store locations of 160 brands supported by users' statistics provided by 14 internet companies.

It is the first time for the magazine to raise the concept of 'new first-tier' cities. "The administrative level and GDP cannot properly reflect a city's business charm and economic growth potential," it said.

Here are the top 10 cities based on the list.

No 10 Shenyang

Top 10 'new first-tier' cities in China

Trees are decorated with false green leaves on bare branches on a street in Shenyang city, Northeast China's Liaoning province, December 24, 2015. [Photo/IC]

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