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China's major projects to be implemented in coming five years

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-03-05 09:24

China's major projects to be implemented in coming five years

A C919 model on display at an aviation expo in Zhuhai, Guangdong province. [Photo/China Daily]

BEIJING - China will carry out hundreds of programs and projects of scientific, economic and political significance in the upcoming five years, according to the draft 13th five-year plan on economic and social development submitted to the national legislature on Saturday.

Following are some of them.

1. Aero-engine, gas turbine

2. Quantum communication and computer

3. Brain science, brain-like research

4. National cyberspace security

5. Deep space exploration

6. Seed industry

7. Clean, efficient use of coal

8. Integrated information network

9. New materials

10. Laboratories for scientists

11. 10,000 elite entrepreneurs

12. 10,000 overseas talents back to China

13. 1 million professionals every year

14. 1,200 bases to train skilled professionals

15. 800 million mu of high-standard farmland

16. Internet plus modern agriculture

17. Big planes

18. New-generation heavy lift carrier rockets, new satellites

19. Deep-sea exploration, seabed resources utilization

20. New-generation high-speed heavy load railway equipment system

21. Advanced digital-controlled machine tools

22. Industrial, medical and military robots

23. Advanced medical and chemical equipment

24. Artificial intelligence terminals, 5G mobile telecom technology, advanced sensors, wearable devices

25. Application of gene science

26. Commercialization of Beidou and remote sensing satellites

27. 5 million new energy vehicles

28. Optical communication system

29. Internet of Things

30. Big data application

31. International e-commerce

32. 30,000-km high-speed railways covering 80 percent of major cities

33. 30,000-km new expressways

34. Sichuan-Tibet railway

35. Over 50 new civil airports

36. Shipping hubs and smart ports

37. 3,000 km new urban rail transit

38. Postal access for all villages

39. Internet of vehicles, ships

40. Automatic driving system

41. Intelligent electricity system

42. New hydro power plants with an aggregate capacity of 60,000 mw

43. Nuclear power plants with 58,000 mw installed capacity

44. Deep-sea oil and shale oil, gas

45. Expanded oil, uranium storage

46. Water diversion projects

47. Big reservoirs in Tibet and other areas

48. Water-control projects in Xinjiang and other areas

49. Harnessing projects for 244 rivers

50. Urbanization of 100 million people in central and west China

51. Smart cities and sponge cities

52. Tap water covering 80 percent of rural population

53. Longgong-1 deep-sea experimental platform

54. New observant station in Arctic, new scientific base in Antarctic

55. Global maritime monitoring system

56. Ecological restoration of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and other ecologically important areas

57. 5 million km of rural road

58. World-class universities

59. Protection of Chinese ancient books

60. Cultivating professionals capable of telling China story.

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