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Li's presence at Davos forum to bolster confidence in Chinese economy

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-01-19 09:26

GENEVA - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's upcoming presence at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) will surely strengthen the international community's confidence in China's economic outlook, a Chinese envoy has said.

The WEF meeting, scheduled for Jan 21-24 in Davos, Switzerland, will explore solutions to major global challenges under the theme "The New Global Context".

Over 2,500 participants from more than 140 countries representing governments, international organizations, businesses, academia, civil society and the media are expected to attend this year's meeting.

According to the WEF, more than 40 heads of state and government will participate in the four-day meeting featuring 280 sessions and workshops.

Wu Hailong, China's ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva, told Xinhua in a recent interview that China always attaches great importance to the annual meeting.

He said that in 2010, Li attended the annual meeting in his then capacity as vice premier, adding that it will be not only Li's second attendance to the gathering of global elites this year, but also a major diplomatic activity for a Chinese leader since the beginning of 2015.

During the forum, Wu noted, the Chinese premier is expected to share his views on the international situation and the current state of global economy, as well as possible solutions to challenges.

Li will also expound China's domestic and foreign policies, respond to other countries' concerns on China, and boost the international community's confidence in the prospects of the Chinese economy, he said.

The ambassador stressed that the international community is paying close attention to China's development, including its economic prospects and ensuing global influence, the Chinese economy's "new normal" and comprehensively deepening reforms, as well as the trend of Chinese foreign polices.

Meanwhile, people around the world are closely watching China's response to various global challenges, in particular its role in promoting international economic cooperation and its contribution in that respect, he said.

Speaking of this year's Davos forum theme, he said that amid ongoing significant and rapid changes in the world's political, economic, social and technological aspects, there is a close link between China's development and "The New Global Context", since the country is getting closer and closer with the world.

He said while these changes have profound implications on China, the country's development also has crucial influences on "The New Global Context".

Since China is widely regarded as a major economic, trade and investment power for its market, capitals and tourists, its foreign policies always draw global attention, said the diplomat.

With its recent proposals and initiatives on global economy, hot-spot issues and global governance, China will make positive contribution to the world's response to "The New Global Context", Wu added.

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