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China's auto output, sales set world record again

( Updated: 2013-01-14 14:56

19.27 million vehicles were produced in China in 2012, increasing by 4.6 percent year-on-year, up 3.8 percentage points. And 19.3 million vehicles were sold, increasing by 4.3 percent, up 1.9 percentage points.

China's auto production and sales both set a world record for the fourth consecutive year, ranking first in the world for consecutive four years, Beijing Daily reported Sunday according to China Association of Automobile Manufactures.

The production and sales of passenger cars exceeds 15 million for the first time. The latest 2012 nationwide auto production and sales data showed that 15.52 million passenger cars were produced, increasing by 7.2 percent from a year earlier, up 2.9 percentage points. And the sales were 15.49 million, increasing by 7.1 percent, up 1.9 percentage points.

The sales growth of passenger cars was mainly propelled by that of sedans and Sport Utility Vehicles. In terms of sedans, the sales were 10.74 million, 6.2 percent more than that during the same period in 2011, contributing 60.8 percent to the sales growth of passenger cars. The sales of SUVs were 200 million, up 25.5 percent year-on-year, with a contribution of 39.7 percent.

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