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China orders no extravagance during holidays

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-12-28 11:18

BEIJING -- The disciplinary watchdog of the Communist Party of China, as well as the government's supervisory authority, have called for efforts to halt extravagance during the upcoming holiday season.

The use of public funds to purchase cigarettes, liquor and gifts for government officials should be strictly prohibited, according to a circular issued by the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Ministry of Supervision on Thursday.

Public spending on extravagant banquets, travel, entertainment or sporting activities will also be prohibited during the New Year holiday, as well as February's Spring Festival, the circular said.

The circular also prohibits officials from receiving any gifts in the form of cash, negotiable securities or convertible coupons during official occasions, as well as bans officials from illegally collecting funds from enterprises or individuals in the form of sponsorships for such occasions.

Authorities are also requiring strict regulation over the use of government cars for private purposes.

Government departments have been told to refrain from diverting public funds to pamper officials and workers, the circular said.

Officials are also banned from using their holidays to lobby or bribe people for promotions, as well as buy votes for official selection procedures, according to the circular.

Furthermore, the circular urges no malpractice or holiday gambling by officials.

The circular called on CPC disciplinary and government supervisory authorities at all levels to strictly investigate and punish those who violate the requirements.


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