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Bar lowered for private pilots

[2013-12-10 23:37]

China has eased requirements for trainee pilots hoping to fly private aircraft, a move experts say will boost the general aviation sector.

Benz brings 'intelligent innovations' to Guangzhou

[2013-11-21 14:49]

Although winter is fast approaching, November will only heat up as Mercedes-Benz revs its engines in the Pearl River Delta.

Samsung becomes world's top handset seller in Q3

[2013-11-13 11:19]

Samsung Electronics became the world 's No 1 handset seller across all continents in the third quarter, winning the title for the first time in the company's history.

Modified cars at SEMA Show

[2013-11-07 17:56]

Several modified 2014 Ford Fiesta hatchbacks were displayed at the SEMA Show, including some modified Fiesta STs.

Slovak flying car

[2013-11-06 15:04]

An incredible flying car has been developed to bring regular road traffic to the skies. The hovering hard-top motors on the road and in the air and signals a huge step forward in hybrid vehicles.

Apple launches iPad Air in China

[2013-11-01 15:23]

Apple is rolling out the iPad Air to a total of 42 countries on the initial launch, which for the first time included China and Japan.

Holiday may boost sales of new iPads

[2013-10-24 07:34]

Apple Inc's new iPad products are likely to give the company a rebound in China's tablet computer market, especially during the upcoming New Year holiday.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 out Friday

[2013-10-18 15:21]

Microsoft launched the Windows 8.1 operating system out Friday.

Apple seeks manager familiar of China Mobile's networks

[2013-10-10 07:21]

Apple Inc plans to hire a manager with knowledge of the 3G and 4G networks used by China Mobile Ltd, evidence it's moving toward agreement for the latter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and smartwatch hit China

[2013-09-25 21:58]

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd officially introduced its latest flagship Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and the company's first Galaxy Gear smartwatch in China on Sept 25.

Apple polishes forecast after selling 9m new iPhones

[2013-09-24 10:12]

Apple Inc sold 9 million new iPhones during their first three days in stores after China joined the list of launch countries for the first time.

Country set to lead telecoms revolution

[2013-09-24 06:40]

China is expected to become the world's biggest Long Term Evolution (LTE) fourth-generation market in the near future.

Questions of relevance greet generation of consoles

[2013-09-22 07:55]

In November, Microsoft will release its Xbox One and Sony its PlayStation 4 in the United States and Europe.

Two family-style eateries are where animals roam

[2013-09-21 00:18]

The Water and Nature restaurant is part eatery, part aquarium. Located near the Pudong New Area's Century Park, the city's largest, tropical fish swim in giant glass tanks built into the establishment's walls or positioned through the middle of tables.

Chinese, US companies agree to co-produce helicopters

[2013-09-05 16:59]

China's Changhe Aircraft Industrial Group and US-based Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation signed an agreement on Thursday to co-produce S-76D commercial utility helicopters.

Samsung unveils smartwatch ahead of rival Apple

[2013-09-05 09:20]

The Galaxy Gear, a wearable computing device from Samsung that looks like a digital wristwatch, is certain to pique much curiosity when it starts being worn in public.

Huawei establishes 330 data centers globally

[2013-09-02 21:35]

Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies announced on Monday that it had established more than 330 data centers globally by August.

Apple losing ground to home brand in China

[2013-08-31 14:39]

China's domestic demand for smartphones is surging, but most of the new demand is not from Apple or Samsung.

Yihaodian expands fresh food delivery to Beijing

[2013-08-27 21:16], a leading Chinese online supermarket, will expand its delivery of fresh food, such as fruits and vegetables, to Beijing.

China's domestic smartphones take 60% market share

[2013-08-27 10:01]

China's domestically-produced smartphones have boomed in sales and recorded more than 60 percent market share at the end of June.