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Sidebar: China gets bite of Apple

By Liu Zheng ( Updated: 2015-06-09 09:00

1. Apple Map: Transit

Public transport routes in Beijing, Shanghai and 300 other Chinese cities will be supported by Apple Map.

2. Watch OS: WeChat voice message

With new update in watch OS, developers will be able to access the hardware components of apps now running natively on the Watch to allow for some app functionality.

For instance, through the microphone of Watch, users will be able to give voice dictation or sending voice messages on instant messengers such as WeChat.

3. Time-lapse watch face: Shanghai

Watch OS 2 lets users turn their favorite photo into a new watch face or view pictures from the users’ favorite photo album just by raising their wrist with the new Photo and Photo Album watch faces.

With the Time-Lapse watch face, users can choose from a selection of time-lapse videos shot over 24 hours in iconic locations, including New York City, London or Shanghai.

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