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Customized financing plans free car owners from worries

By Hao Yan ( Updated: 2014-03-29 11:20

Some customers may select descending plans, as they have abundant cash flow in their current earnings. They will not make an assumption on future income, and make less payment gradually.

In some very rare cases, the financing company will assist in liquidating the car when a customer has difficulties paying back the loan. The company will sell the used-car to a dealer, and the customer will still have a cash surplus after settling the remaining loans, according to Wu Yan, marketing and PR department head at VW FC.

"Chinese customers on average hold a car for four or five years, so the total cost of ownership is the focus," said Kurzrock.

Kurzrock sees the future innovative product as a pack that has all related services with the car, including financing, insurance, maintenance and repairs.

"A Bentley owner doesn't care about the maintenance expense, but it is the reliable and predictable service that interests the customer," Kurzrock continued.

The company CEO and general manager requires a win-win-win scenario in each customized plan to benefit the customers, the brand and also the dealers. VW FC had established cooperative relations with about 1,900 dealers in 270 Chinese cities by the end of last year.

"We serve customers with both automotive and finance hearts," said Kurzrock.


Customized financing plans free car owners from worries
Customized financing plans free car owners from worries
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