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New C-X17 showcases Jaguar's crossover concept

( Updated: 2013-11-23 16:56

C-X17 dynamics: agile and sure-footed

As a sports crossover, the C-X17 concept has an on-road bias, and its low height, optimized centre of gravity and lightweight all-aluminum body endow it with superior, car-like driving dynamics, both in urban environments and out on the open road. The C-X17 features cutting-edge dynamic technologies such as Torque Vectoring by Braking, a system which constantly monitors the vehicle’s cornering dynamics and, when required, rapidly and intelligently uses the brake system to finely rebalance the distribution of engine torque to individual wheels, in order to reduce understeer, maximize grip and enhance vehicle stability.

With its 213mm of ground clearance and intelligent All-Wheel Drive, the C-X17 would also offer reassuring capability and enhanced grip on poor roads and in varying weather conditions. Jaguar's intelligent All-Wheel Drive system continuously monitors grip levels and driver inputs and uses feed-forward torque distribution to both pre-empt and react to wheel-slip, providing greater driver confidence and vehicle stability in low-grip conditions. In normal grip conditions, the system predominantly delivers drive to the rear wheels, providing the dynamic driving experience all Jaguars are renowned for.

New C-X17 showcases Jaguar's crossover concept

The wheel of the new Jaguar C-X17. [Photo provided to]

Exterior design: beauty of proportion

With a crossover being a new journey for Jaguar, Director of Design Ian Callum and his team were clear that the C-X17 would not compromise on the time-honored values of Jaguar car design: purity of form, beauty of line and balance of proportion. Even as it subscribed to the practicalities expected of the crossover category, the C-X17 had to be stylish, sporty and exciting. It had to instantly stand out from the crowd, yet retain the sense of timeless sophistication that is typically Jaguar.

The C-X17 has dynamic yet perfectly balanced proportions, with the low profile and large wheels giving it a powerful, planted stance. In terms of form, it is sleek and fast, relying on pure lines rather than exaggeration or showmanship. The long bonnet's twin 'power bulges' and prominent grille impart a muscular look. The headlamps hint at the C-X17's sedan siblings while the grille is inspired by the XJ, resulting in a distinctive family look that is reassuringly familiar yet uniquely appealing. The grille features a hexagonal pattern, with small aluminum panels within its structure that can close to enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamic properties.

The C-X17's twin 'heartlines' are clearly visible when viewed in profile. Two clean and simple design lines, with a subtle crease in the metal to catch the light, visually tie together the C-X17's shoulder and haunch. The accentuated length of the windows adds to the vehicle’s overall sense of sleekness. The rear of the vehicle has a distinctive touch of sports car about it, with the haunch, taillights and detailing all bringing to mind the seductive Jaguar F-TYPE. The C-X17's roofline swoops quickly rearwards, culminating in a distinctive cantilevered spoiler over a steeply raked rear window that enhances the crossover's sporting, ‘fast-even-at-standstill’ appearance.

The exterior of the C-X17 is painted with a lustrous Liquid Gold liquid-metal finish. The window surround is finished in gloss black, with the only brightwork on the vehicle being the badging at each end, lending the car a darker, sportier look. The large 23-inch wheels, which enhance the C-X17's solid stance, are a one-off, five-split-spoke design, finished in dark ruthenium (a member of the platinum family).

New C-X17 showcases Jaguar's crossover concept

The new Jaguar C-X17 is pictured. [Photo provided to]

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