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Mobile Device runs on solar and kinetic power

( Updated: 2013-03-12 16:21

Most mobile phone users around the world are in the habit of leaving their cellphones plugged in to charge overnight as a habit in the hopes of having a fully charged cellphones that would be able to endure a whole day's use. However, leaving a cell phone plugged into a charger for too long can damage your cell phone's batteries irreparably and can even lead to loss of battery life overtime. Moreover, overcharging cellphones also result in unnecessary energy loss for household that lose as much as a $100 worth of electricity annually due to overcharging of cellphones alone. The Infinite Mobile Device by Taiwan design student Tony Deng looks to remedy this situation by presenting a more sustainable cell phone charging system.

Mobile Device runs on solar and kinetic power 

The Infinite Mobile Device is an intricate yet easy to manufacture cell phone casing/packaging system that can address the problem of overcharging cellphones and the waste of energy it causes as well as the problem of buyers having to hoard or throw packaging material that these products are sold in. The device uses a system of self powered nanogenerators fitted in the casing of the Infinite Mobile Device which allows the cell phone to be recharged via kinetic energy harvested by the movement of the user or by the user's interaction with the phone like tapping on its screen.

Alternatively, the device can also be powered using solar power with the packaging of the cell phone doubling up as a portable solar charger after the user has extracted their cell phone out of the box it came in. The kinetic and solar energy harvested by the phone and the package/solar charger can also be shared with other users low on battery power and users can also keep a count of the watts they generate and save during cell phone usage to promote the use of renewable sources of power.

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