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Chinese, Russian experts discuss role of IT in new media

By Zhu Lingqing in Guangzhou ( Updated: 2016-10-29 19:33

Chinese and Russian media representatives and media entrepreneurs shared the same stage to discuss the trends in new media at a forum held in Tianhe, Guangzhou city, on Saturday.

The interactive session, whose theme was "Technology-driven reform of media industries", was part of the China-Russia Internet Media Forum & China-Russia New Media Youth Leadership Summit held from Oct 28 to 29.

"Both Chinese and Russian media industries have seen the traditional media lose their original positions," said Anton Anisimov, head of International Broadcasting, Sputnik News Agency and Radio.

He said high-tech companies have become the new media content providers whether in China or Russia.

Technology-based entrepreneurial company ZAKER's president Li Senhe shared the company's experience in information aggregation and social reading.

"What we need in the era of information explosion is not just information but useful information," said Li. "By analyzing users' reading habits and social media buzzwords, ZAKER is able to predict which articles will see more hits. We want to use data to change the source of content production."

Matvey Alekseev, head director of External Communications of Rambler & Co, said, "As a pioneer internet company in Russia, GR has become the third-largest internet company in the country."

He said with users moving toward mobile internet, the company would like to further cooperate with Chinese internet companies.

Vadim Fedotov, counsel to the CEO, Gazprom-Media Holding, also expressed desire to cooperate with Chinese internet media.

"The quality of content is the lifeline of media and only high-quality can win overseas market. Gazprom-Media looks forward to working with Chinese internet media to explore products and projects that have bright prospect," said Fedotov.

Ning Er, deputy editor-in-chief of Sohu, agreed with Fedotov on the importance of quality. He said the quality of content produced by many should raise concerns.

"Co-producing high-quality content can be the starting point of Chinese and Russian media's cooperation," said Ning.

Georgy Kudinov, president of Group of Companies South Region, said there is a great future for media in the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative to cooperate with each other.

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