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Preview for 2014: Urbanization

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Editor's note: Urbanization is definitely the buzzword of the year, as it is expected to create the biggest domestic demand in the country. China Daily now would like to focus more on how urbanization affects people's everyday lives and how enormous business potential will be created.

Preview for 2014: Urbanization

A new opportunity for prosperity

International consumer brands have long since identified the importance of the Chinese market.

But most brands have tapped only into first- and some second-tier Chinese cities. A vast number of cities are still largely untapped.[

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Unilever targets West China's vast market

China to account for 30% of new auto sales

China will overtake US as No 1 consumer



Preview for 2014: Urbanization

The high cost of moving to a city


Despite all the consumption potential shown by people like Su, surging housing prices overshadow and restrain it. To own a property of their own, many new city dwellers have to cut down on their daily expenditures. [Full Story]

House price hikes thwart 'China dream'

Real estate a real problem

Urban Chinese find consumer prices too high

Preview for 2014: Urbanization

Urbanization: Not just building homes 

Urbanization has different implications for different property developers. Vanke Co Ltd, China's largest developer in terms of market value, for instance, would like to be a more service-based company to better meet different demands from its community residents. [Full Story]

Stable outlook for Chinese developers in 2014

Secondhand housing market sees chill in Dec

Evergrande eyes more consumer goods businesses

Preview for 2014: Urbanization

Demand for iron ore, steel to rise 

"We have confidence in China's iron ore demand because its urbanization requires a large amount of steel products in the coming years," said Neville Power, chief executive officer of Fortescue Metals Group Ltd, the third-biggest iron ore producer in Australia. [Full Story]

Rio Tinto to boost iron ore capacity

China will buy more iron ore in coming months

Resource boom not to go bust due to China


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Preview for 2014: Urbanization 

 Preview for 2014: Urbanization

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Preview for 2014: Urbanization

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Preview for 2014: Urbanization