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Likonomics helps revitalize Chinese economy

Updated: 2013-07-29 09:45

Anonymous: A cash shortage could also further slow China's economy. But don't panic! A slower growing China may not necessarily be a bad thing. In fact, it likely signals that China's authorities are finally putting the economy on the right path. This new government is more responsible than the previous, which was also not bad at all. Oh, definitely they are all for the Party and China, but at least they try to be fiscally responsible.

ShowCat (France): In my words, Likonomics should stand for:

1. Dismantling of SOE monopolies

2. Breaking up of the SOE-banking complex

3. Financial reform

4. A new round of privatization

5. Increased spending on social welfare and education

1 and 2 will decrease special interests. 3 will reduce Ponzi schemes and pave the way for a fair playground for competition among businesses. 4 will revitalize the economy and help to overcome the middle income trap.

All the information is from China Daily Forum.