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Students face new term and military trainingwoyi

2013-09-04 15:08

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September is a difficult month for all students as they return to continue their education, but for high school and university green hands it is not just the heavy curriculum they need to tackle. All the high school and university first-year students will also undergo military training as ordered by law.

For many, this is the most challenging. The purpose includes promoting the spirit of patriotism, increasing the awareness of national defense, developing good will and character, and shaping collectivism at the start of the new semester.

The following collection of photos offers a glimpse of student military training across the nation.

Students face new term and military trainingwoyi

Students of Yangzhou University take part in a military training in Jiangsu province, Sept 3, 2013. [Photo by Meng Delong/Aisanewsphoto]  

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