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A day of a delivery guy

( Updated: 2012-11-13 17:31

"Hey, I'm on my way, will be there soon!"—This is the most frequent answer Wang Yonggang gives to his customers every day.

Wang is a delivery guy who works for China Post in Yinchuan city, Ningxia Hui autonomous region. His workload was increased significantly on Nov 11- a date set aside in China in honor of single people - since the online retailers did promotions and made the day 'online shopping festival'.

"I have had to deliver more than 50 packages every day since Nov 7", Wang said. The temperature in Yinchuan has recently dropped to minus three degrees Celsius and Wang has been working from 7am to 7pm each day.

"It's busy these days, but it will get better next week", Wang said with a smile, "I have to take care of the packages since people trust me with them".

The biggest online shopping sites in China, and, had 19.1 billion yuan ($3.06 billion) in total transactions on Nov 11. The shopping carnival has quickened the development of domestic logistic services.

A day of a delivery guy

Wang Yonggang takes orders for work in Yinchuan on Nov 10, 2012.[Photo/Xinhua] 


A day of a delivery guy

Wang Yonggang checks the number of his deliveries online in Yinchuan, Nov 10, 2012.[Photo/Xinhua] 

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