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S. Africa urged to use G20 to raise international profile

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-11-01 16:43

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa should use its inclusion in the G20 for the benefit of the country, the region and the continent, a senior bank official said on Wednesday.

The remark was made by Daniel Mminele, Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank as addressing the G20 study group in Pretoria.

The G20 formed in 1999 comprises 19 countries and the European Union, making up about 80 percent of global trade and the GDP as a group, while South Africa is the only African country in it.

The official said the presence of South Africa in the G20 affords the country opportunities to be connected within the global economy.

"This membership provides South Africa with the space to influence key international policies that could have an impact on our own economy, the region and the continent as a whole,"he said. " As the sole African representative at the table, South Africa should endeavor to highlight regional and continental issues."

"The country should use the G20 to raise its international profile and reputation, enabling itself to connect with other people to further strengthen the relations with other countries in the world," said he.

The deputy governor added that South Africa's deliberation in the G20 is meant to influence the outcomes in line with South Africa's and Africa's development and growth priorities.

As South Africa is a membership of the new economic entities group BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), South Africa should align its position in the G20 with other BRICS members, he suggested.

"South Africa has the opportunity to align some of its positions with its BRICS partners, while gaining support from BRICS for its positions within the G20," he said.

"South Africa chaired the G20 in 2007, and focused predominantly on IMF quota and voice reform. As a result of South Africa's efforts, together with other members of the G20, the 2008 quota and voice reforms of the IMF were adopted," the deputy governor added.

He hoped South Africa could clearly define its policies in the future coordination and association with other G20 members.

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