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Qinling Mountain of Jinsi Grand Canyon

Updated: 2014-10-19 10:15 (English.news.cn)
Qinling Mountain of Jinsi Grand Canyon

The landscape of Jinsi Grand Canyon [Photo/china.org.cn]

Jinsi Grand Canyon National Forest Park is located in Shangnan county, Shaanxi. It is situated in the middle reach of Danjiang River in the Han River system of the Yangtze River Basin, lying at the southern foot of Qinling Mountain and bordering the north slope of Bashan Mountain. Lush with vegetation, Jinsi Grand Canyon is known for its steep mountains, deep river valleys, well-developed river system, thick woods, as well as flourishing flowers and grasses.

Jinsi Grand Canyon boasts more than 100 scenic spots, of which the four best-known ones are Bailong Canyon, Heilong Canyon, Qinglong Canyon and Shiyanzhai. Jinsi Grand Canyon has a total length of 20.5 kilometers and a depth of more than 10 kilometers. As of today, no one has ever set foot on its bottom.

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