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What does marathon mean for particpants?

2016-04-28 14:06

What does marathon mean for particpants?

Fanatic extreme marathon runner shares his running tips

2016-04-27 14:53

Chen Penbin is a 38-year-old endurance running athlete and extreme marathon runner from Taizhou, East China's Zhejiang province, and is perhaps China's most famous marathon runner.

Pioneer's marathon journey to Antarctica

2016-04-27 11:13

Chinese internet entrepreneur Pan Haidong can't be accused of being a shrinking violet.

One-legged marathon runner inspires many

2015-11-24 08:14

It's a serious challenge for a fully able-bodied person to finish a marathon. Doing it on one leg goes beyond the remarkable and enters the realm of amazing.

Pounding the ground in Pyongyang

2016-04-27 11:28

Hu Jinnan's passion for running international marathons has taken him around the world. From New York City to Tokyo, he's crossed the finish line in a dozen such events.

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